See Why SIIKA Life is the Sweet Life

Created by Makuyo, the vision for SIIKA Herb + Honey Co. was given to her while in Ghana in December 2021.  In her paternal Ga language, SIIKA (pronounced SHEE-KAH) translates to "wealth, luxury, extreme riches or beauty".

Celebrated for her intuitive approach to wellness, Makuyo dreamed of a beauty and wellness brand with a vision to merge the seemingly divergent domains of the feminine spirit with luxury.  Desiring to harmonize her own professional and personal passions, she created a brand encompassing her journey as a businesswoman with her experiences in holistic health, herbalism and yoga.

Through their sweet, attractive, and healing qualities, the use of raw honey and organic herbs intrinsically honors the connection to both femininity and nature.

Our mission is to unite holistic health and feminine sensuality with self care. The carefully curated infusions in every SIIKA Herb + Honey Co. product are created to nourish and nurture the body, mind, and spirit.

Through our Pretty Sacred Self initiative, we endeavor to empower women to achieve holistic wellness through a unique S-A-C-R-E-D framework, integrating Self-care, Alignment, Community, Renewal, Energy, and Divine connection.

A woman, confident in her femininity and identity, feels, creates, and brings richness to herself, her endeavors, and the spaces she occupies.

Our Difference

SIIKA Herb + Honey Co. only infuses with raw honey from small, family-owned and -operated bee farms. SIIKA honey is raw, uncooked and unprocessed.

  • We infuse with organic herbs, wherever possible, sourced from small farms, producers and harvesters.   For those ingredients sourced from other countries, like our Vanilla from Madagascar, or Cloves from Zanzibar, SIIKA Herb + Honey Co. partners with co-ops and local farmers to ensure the local communities benefit financially.

  • While most infused honeys are infused with extracts like vanilla or orange.  Our honeys are infused in the traditional way, using glass jars, never over heat, to maintain the greatest nutritional value possible.

  • Honey infused with real herbs and spices are unique because they combine the nutritional benefits of honey with that of the herb(s) of choice.  So, you get the full immune boosting properties of ginger, the renown blood circulating benefits of cinnamon, and the full antioxidant properties of vanilla found in its caviar, without processed additives or refined oils.

Sustainability & Social Impact

All SIIKA Herb + Honey Co. packaging is reusable and recyclable. Our honey jars, candle containers, and oil decanters are all made of 100% glass with BPA-free tops.

A portion of our proceeds support the National Black Farmers Association (NBFA), an organization committed to advancing the interests of Black farmers who have long faced systemic barriers to retaining and obtaining land ownership.

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