SIIKA Life is the Sweet Life

Created by Makuyo, the vision for SIIKA Herb + Honey Co. was given to her during a trip to visit family in Ghana in December 2021.  In her paternal Ga language, Siika translates to "wealth, luxury, extreme riches or beauty". 

SIIKA Herb and Honey

And while we initially think of wealth in financial terms, wealth is also found in love for self, family, and friendships.  

In a culture so focused on monetary wealth, we've lost a little connection with our true selves and each other. One of the best ways to reconnect is to turn to nature; another is through ritual. 

Now, ritual doesn't always have to be extravagant or look like what we may see in cinema.   Ritual is a daily prayer or meditation.  Ritual is enjoying a morning cup of tea. Ritual is enjoying a meal with family.  Rituals are rooted in intention. Rituals heal.

As a communal people, rituals are what Africans and Indigenous Americans cherished before colonization.  Across the globe, its what we all cherished before industrialization. Its what connected us to ourselves, our families, our ethnic groups, and our environment.

The SIIKA Difference

SIIKA only infuses with raw honey from small, family-owned and -operated bee farms. SIIKA honey is raw, uncooked and unprocessed.

infused honeySIIKA infuses with organic herbs, wherever possible, sourced from small farms, producers and harvesters, cultivated in the wild.   For those ingredients sourced from other countries, like our nutmeg from Jamaica, Vanilla from Madagascar, or Cloves from Zanzibar, SIIKA partners with co-ops and local farmers to ensure the local communities benefit financially.

While most infused honeys are infused with extracts like vanilla or orange.  SIIKA honeys are infused in the traditional way, using glass jars for a minimum of two weeks, never over heat, to maintain the greatest nutritional value possible.   

Honey infused with real herbs and spices are so special because they combine the nutritional benefits of honey with that of the herb(s) of choice.  So, you get the full immune boosting properties of ginger, the renown blood circulating benefits of cinnamon, the full antioxidant properties of vanilla found in its caviar, all without processed additives or refined oils.  In addition, you receive added stress reducing and comforting aromatic properties of the herbs and spices.

 infuse honey with herbs

SIIKA Sustainable Packaging

All SIIKA packaging is reusable and recyclable. SIIKA tea containers are made of 100% virgin pulp paper. SIIKA honey jars are made of 100% glass with BPA-free tops.  

SIIKA honors the earth, the environment and nature proudly. SIIKA honors culture, heritage, and rituals, boldly.  


SIIKA creates herb and honey infusions that intersect taste and tradition, so you can savor, delight and indulge in the true sweetness of life: yourself, your health, and your loved ones. Just taste and see.

 Infused honey and tisanes