10 Self-Care Tips to Jumpstart Your Spring!

10 Self-Care Tips to Jumpstart Your Spring!

There is no better time of the year for self-care and soul care than spring.  Spring is a time of renewal. The days get longer and warmer, flowers bloom, plants sprout, and animals emerge from their winter hibernation.

So, it's the perfect time to reflect on our habits and make positive changes that can enhance our lives. By taking the time to renew your mind, body, and spirit now, you are sure to grow and flourish as the year goes on.  Keep reading for self-care tips that will help you create rituals to refresh and renew your body, mind, and Spirit.

According to the World Health Organization, self-care is: “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a health worker.”

Self-care is creating intentional acts to take care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  It's about finding the best ways to help yourself feel like the best, fulfilled version of yourself!  

What are the benefits of self-care?

Self-Care Tips for Spring

Spring Self-Care Tip #1: Get some fresh air

Get outside for a walk or even just sit outside drinking your morning tea! Remember that fresh air is good for your mental and physical wellness. And any bit of sunshine you can get when the weather is getting warmer can make you feel more refreshed and better!

Go for a walk to get your blood and limbs moving, or even go for a bike ride!  When’s the last time you were carefree with the cool breeze blowing in your face?

Spring Self-Care Tip #2: Try something new

Is there something you have been wanting to try for a while? Or just generally curious about? This is a great time of the year to try out a new exercise or hobby!  I’m trying out a new workout that is low impact but high intensity!  I’m also feeling the urge to dabble back into soap making.  What about you?  Feel the urge to try something new? Let’s do it!

Spring Self-Care Tip #3: Do a guided meditation

Have you tried a guided meditation? There are a bunch of free guided meditation apps, or even on YouTube. This is a wonderful way to relax yourself and practice regular self-care. Making this a part of your daily routines has a ton of benefits for your mental wellness.

Spring Self-Care Tip #4: Create a spring playlist

Take some time and head over to your favorite streaming service to curate a Spring-themed playlist! It can be full of your favorite songs for this spring or songs that remind you of the spring season. Whatever you want!

Spring Self-Care Tip #5: Visit a local farmers market

We’re back outside! Even though we can get whatever we want whenever we want, there’s something special, wholly more sustainable, and even cheaper, about eating fresh and local. If you’re not able to garden or grow vegetables yourself, the best way to eat seasonal and fresh foods is visiting a local farmers market.  Not only is this a great way to eat better, but it’s a great experience to share with loved ones!  You’ll be surprised at all the goodies and going-ons at your local farmer’s market. 

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Spring Self-Care Tip #6: Bring outside in

Speaking of outside, what better way to remind you that nature is in full bloom than to bring the outside in. Surrounding yourself with plants at home reminds you about personal growth and nurture. Pick up some new houseplants of buy fresh flowers.  In addition to looking great and lifting your energy, certain plants and flowers can help clear the air in you home, also!  It’s a win-win!

Spring Self-Care Tip #7: Step into a Spring Wardrobe

How do your clothes make you feel? If we take in energy from the seasons, winter is a time of reflection and shedding the old – Spring is a time of renewal and refresh!  Maybe you have done a lot of work and reflection and have come through winter transformed.  Do your clothes reflect the new and improved you?  I’m not saying go out and buy a whole new wardrobe, but if lighter and brighter is how you feel, pick outfits that make sure to reflect how you feel on the inside externally.

Spring Self-Care Tip #8: Spring Clean your Affirmations

I don't want you to change what works, but if you have a daily affirmation that works for you, Spring is a great time to freshen it up.  Since spring is really all about new growth and helping us recognize the natural cycle of life, you might want to build this concept into your affirmation. Perhaps add in a line to remind yourself that you are evolving as a person.

Spring Self-Care Tip #9: Get Organized

While this can absolutely include cleaning out your space or de-cluttering, how about organizing your schedule. Find an ideal day planner or calendar to map out what needs to be done, when, and which takes priority. Planners are a great tool for time management and to remember tasks.  Make sure you write time for you, too!

Take time to reflect on your long-term goals, too. Which leads us to number 10.

Spring Self-Care Tip #10: Create a vision board

Create a vision board or a mood board! While many people opt to do this at the beginning of the calendar year, Spring is the true new year!  Take some time to reflect of what you want, short and long-term during this season of renewal and refresh! An amazing way I generate ideas or moods is to search Pinterest for inspiration.

And remember this is all about whatever you want it to be for your self-care!

What do you want to accomplish this month, this season, and the remainder of this year?

Let's create rituals and habits to ensure this spring a season of growth, renewal, and new possibilities.

I’d love to hear what works for you this spring so please do let me know.

xo Makuyo | SIIKA Herb + Honey Co.


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