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Chai | African Rooibos & Vanilla

Chai | African Rooibos & Vanilla

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This blend pays homage to the wealth and richness of the African continent, culturally, historically, and naturally.

This blend is sweet with savory notes.

Blended with Love: South African Rooibos, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Zanzibar Clove, Cinnamon, Ginger Root, Cardamon Seed

Serving Size

Taste: 8-10 single servings

Full: 16-18 single servings

Key Benefits

Roobios Tea:Native to Southern and Eastern Africa, Roobios has been used in traditional brews for centuries.  "Rooibos" meaning "red bush," has green, needle-like leaves and tiny yellow flowers which are picked, bruised, and fermented which turns them a reddish-brown color. With trace amounts of minerals, Roobios is a good source of fluoride and copper, making it beneficial to bones and muscles.

Madagascar Vanilla Beans: Madagascar Vanilla beans have a more robust and richer taste than their Tahitian or Mexican counterparts.  Due to it's numerous antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and and anti-bacterial properties,vanilla has been used for issues ranging from cardio, respiratory and dental health to acting as an aphrodisiac.

Cinnamon: With its use going back to Ancient Kemet, Cinnamon stimulates the entire body.  It has shown to be effective in combating digestive disorders, promote energy and a healthy libido.  In addition to supporting brain health, cinnamon is also good for the blood. With a sweet and savory taste, it is a perfect match with Roobios in taste and benefit.

Ginger Root:  Along with cloves, ginger is among the top three antioxidant spices in the world. Ginger boosts immunity, fights respiratory ailments, improves circulation, reduces inflammation, helps to relieve stress, and on and on.  Popular and potent, ginger root tea has been a part of natural, traditional medicinal practices for thousands of years.  As a strong aphrodisiac, ginger has also been known to increase libido in men and women.

Sustainable Packaging

Our containers are mage of 100% virgin pulp paper and are recyclable. In addition, our tea bags are biodegradable and compostable. Please consider recycling or composting this packaging.

Information is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any illness. Always consult a doctor before using herbs for any disease, or when pregnant or nursing.

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